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Trip to Sydney Paddington Markets

20th - 23rd March 2014

I was so excited about taking my little t-shirt business over to Sydney. As it was my first time going over there, we only went for four days and I planned out every day. I've written about what we did each day here.

On day one we visited the set of Sunrise to meet Kochie and Sam and I got a tour around the set and watched Kochie and Sam interviewing One Direction! Then I wheeled down to the Sydney Harbour Bridge with Dad and my carer, Anna. The streets reminded me of London a little bit. While Dad went back to get some t-shirts, Anna and I went to look in the Museum of Contemporary Art. I was on a time limit, but I found a few pieces of art that I liked and, if I went back, I would definitely take my time to look around. After that we met up with Dad and we all went to the Opera House to give Neil Finn one of my t-shirts as a present. Then after that, dad, Anna and I went to a really nice shop called Becker Minty where the shop owner and the two guys who were working there loved my t-shirts! We also went to the Ramos warehouse to meet Annie who organises the t-shirts when we place an order. It was very nice to finally meet her in person!

Day two was the big day at Paddington Markets! Paddington Markets was in a school playground. It started at 10am and finished at 4pm. It was a slow start, but after a few hours passed it started to build up with lots of people. I spoke to lots of customers and they loved my artwork. I managed to have a photo with 6 lovely ladies holding my bags with my t-shirts inside. When Dad and Anna were loading up the car, I sold one last t-shirt on the street!

On our last day in Sydney, we packed up and went out for breakfast and checked out Bondi Beach Markets. I definitely will be doing that market next time I go back. All in all, I had a really good time. Thanks for having us, Sydney!

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