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LOL Daniel(ink.) had a night out recently to see comedian Bill Bailey. Growing up, I always wanted to be a comedian and I’ve always enjoyed watching stand-up. Bill didn’t disappoint! He was so funny, we laughed a lot and it lifted my mood through the roof! We managed to give him a couple of Daniel(ink.) T-shirts and he signed one for us. Bill now joins my growing collection of comedians who have our T-shirts, which already includes Danny Bhoy, Adam Hills, Josh Thomas and Labby & Stav. You’ve got be happy with that! They’ve kept me laughing for years and I’m grateful they’ve been happy to show support for Daniel(ink.)   , too. After the Bill Bailey show, I wondered how comedy can really influence how you feel. So, I Googled it. It turns out laughter really is the best medicine. Laughing relaxes your body, boosts your immune system, triggers endorphins (the things that make you feel happy) and it even protects your heart. And those are only a few of the benefits! A Daniel(ink.) T-shirt can make you feel great from the outside, but if you really want to feel awesome from the inside, check out some of the comedy being performed in your city!

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