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I was a Wood Duck before I became a Black Duck, no really, I was!

Four years ago I started playing wheelchair basketball.  I was rubbish, I couldn’t push a chair or bounce a ball or do any of their drills.  My first game was scary, I got the ball and threw it straight out of the court!  I decided to stick with it though as I made some really great friends and they understand what I go through every day, we’re on the same level. After playing a few years I got better at pushing, bouncing and understanding how the game works.  Then I got my own sports chair made up.  I started getting into my games and scored one goal in Season 1 and two goals in Season 2. Last year I got into the WA state team, I really enjoyed playing the 5 days, but by the end of it I was sooo tired.  The week after was my 19th birthday and I took some of my able bodied friend down to the sport, they found it hard.  I enjoyed myself showing them how it is really done.  I guess I showed off a bit!  Okay, maybe quite a bit. This season has only just started and I scored a goal last week….very excited!  I could be heading for a record year! Our team’s name is the Black Ducks, now if I could just get them to all wear DanielInk tshirts…..

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